Purrfect Pockets 60g - Hairball Control

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Product description

Reward your cats with Purrfect Pockets, a double-textured treat, made with natural ingredients, that guarantees satisfaction in every bite.

With a crispy exterior, providing a fun crunch, and a soft center that is bursting with deliciousness. Perfect for even the pickiest of cats.

Get ready for a whole new experience with this tantalizing range.

Advantages of the Purrfect Pockets Kit Cat "Hairball Control" snack:

  • With lignocellulose that helps control hairballs.
  • With malt that helps expel hairballs.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.
  • With taurine.


Composition: pea starch 21.98%, corn 16.67%, corn protein 14.99%, dehydrated chicken protein 14%, coconut oil 9.5%, dehydrated poultry protein 6.58%, poultry fat 5.67%, cellulose 4%, Hydrolyzed Chicken protein 3%, potato starch 2.5%, Malt 0.5%.

Analytical Components: Crude protein: 26%, Fat content: 17.5%, Crude fiber: 5.3%, Moisture: 10%, Complementary food for cats.

Metabolic energy: 41.3 kcal/100g.

Use and Specifications

  • Recommended for cats over 2 months old.
  • Complementary food for cats.

Recommended daily ration

Cat 2kg: 8 units/day, Cat 4kg: 12 units/day, Cat 6kg: 16 units/day.