At Kit Cat safety is our number one priority. We ensure that all products meet or exceed the highest standards. We select only the highest quality ingredients when making our products. We want to provide you and your cat with superior quality, safe and excellent value products.

Our quality is at the heart of everything we do and our reputation, therefore we are proud that our food is made in accordance with the following high-ranking certifications.

FDA Certificate

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the United States government agency responsible for regulating foods (both for humans and animals), drugs (human and veterinary), cosmetics, medical devices ( humans and animals), biological products and blood derivatives.

The FDA's supreme mandate is to regulate a multitude of products in a manner that ensures the safety of consumers and the effectiveness of marketed products.

Good manufacturing practices

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are included within the concept of quality assurance and constitute the factor that ensures that products are manufactured in a uniform and controlled manner, in accordance with appropriate quality standards. to the intended use of the products and in accordance with the conditions required for their marketing.

HACCP/HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

It is a structured, internationally recognized operational method that helps food and beverage industry organizations identify their food safety risks, avoid food safety hazards, and address legal compliance. It is used in all phases of food production and preparation processes.

A structured approach to food safety using HACCP as a management tool helps Kit Cat demonstrate its commitment to food safety and meet established requirements.

ISO Certificate

ISO certification reliably guarantees that a specific ISO standard is met and that the standards are correctly implemented. Thanks to this certification, Kit Cat differentiates itself from the competition, since the certificate is proof that we are a competent and reliable company.

This certificate guarantees that Kit Cat is committed to maintaining quality standards in line with the standard. In this way, all our products have tests that certify the quality of production and a production process oriented towards continuous improvement.