FilletFresh Pack

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Would you like to try Kit Cat's Fillet Fresh snacks and surprise your kitty?

We have created the Purr Fillet Fresh Pack , a pack with all the flavors of our Fillet Fresh snacks so that your cat can enjoy their delicious flavor, and at a very affordable price!

When you receive the pack, take note of the flavors you liked the most!

Product description

Fillet Fresh are exquisite fresh fillets of tender boneless chicken or boneless fish, which we have cleaned and cooked so that your cat enjoys every bite and feels like an authentic wild feline.

The process of making this snack is subject to quality certificates that guarantee an excellent product to offer your cat a varied and balanced diet.


  • 3x FilletFresh Tuna and Fiber Loin
  • 3x FilletFresh Grilled Chicken
  • 3x FilletFresh Grilled Mackerel
  • 3x FilletFresh Tuna Loin and Smoked Fish
  • 3x FilletFresh Chicken Loin and Fiber

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