Wet Food Pack - Tuna

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Try our range of tuna wet cat food!

We have designed this tasting pack so that your cat can try all the tuna cans from our range of Kit Cat wet food . The pack contains all types of tuna flavors in a total of 24 units, it includes wet food in gelatin and in sauce . Your cat will enjoy every bite! Plus, it's cheaper.

Properties of KitCat wet cat food

  • Kit Cat's wet food is specially made to meet your cat's needs , taking care of its digestive system , since it does not contain by-products or any type of cereal .
  • All ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Cans of wet food are very low in calories , ideal for maintaining a balanced diet.
  • They hydrate the cat, very important to prevent possible risks such as kidney stones or urinary tract infections.
  • Kit Cat is one of the few brands that incorporates prebiotics , achieving a more active intestinal flora and improving immunity.
  • It also contains Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 and Taurine , providing a superior benefit to the development of the cat.
  • Complementary food for cats.


Wet food in sauce:

  • 2x Tuna & Whitebait 70g.
  • 2x Tuna & Quail Egg 7 0g .
  • 2x Tuna & Chicken 70 g.
  • 2x Tuna & Salmon  7 0g .
  • 2x Tuna & Beef 7 0g .
  • 2x Classic Tuna 7 0g .

Wet food in Gelatin:

  • 2x Tuna & Scallop 8 0g .
  • 2x Classic Tuna with Katsuobushi 8 0g .
  • 3x Tuna & Anchovies 8 0g .
  • 3x Tuna & Shrimp 8 0g .
  • 2x Tuna & Crab 80g.

*If any reference is out of stock, a random one will be sent in its place.
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