Chapter 4 - Prawn and Soy, very adapted to their new home

After a few days of adapting to her new home, Amaia's cat has finally accepted the presence of Gamba and Soja in her territory. Very good news, but it made us a little sad because we no longer have them in the office all day!
Today we asked Amaia to tell us how her adaptation went and she told us that she couldn't be happier. Gamba and Soja spend the day up and down playing non-stop. In addition, they have completely recovered their appetite and have more energy every day.
We love this photo! They spent the entire performance trying to catch the balls they saw on television. Can you be more irresistible?
But if that were not enough, Amaia has bought them a castle with boxes so they can run and play as much as they want without stopping. The other day Gamba was found like this.
It hasn't been easy, but in the end Gamba and Soja have found a place where they feel safe, grow, and above all, have a good time.
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