Chapter 3 - After recovery, Prawn and Soy more intense than ever

Prawn and Soybeans have already recovered after more than a week of recovery. Amaia explains to us that this weekend they have started to be more active and play with each other. The funniest thing of all is that they go everywhere together.
We share with you some of the images of Prawn and Soy during the last week!

Since the cat that already lived with Amaia has not yet accepted them, they continue to come to the office every day. A week ago they couldn't get on the tables but... they've learned it now! Do you want to see what they do in the office?

Right now they are like this...

Would you like to see the daily life of Prawn and Soy? You can see it on our Instagram profile @kitcat_es in our featured story for Prawn and Soy. You'll surely love to see how playful they are!

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