The Freeze Bites Challenge in the Cup Game

Welcome to the Kit Cat Blog!

We are excited to bring you news every month. To begin the year 2024, we face one of the Snacks that is sweeping.

With all January orders, we will include a pack of Freeze Bites, we want you to put it to the test.

Do you remember the cups and the ball game? Imagine three glasses upside down on a table. You place a ball inside one of the glasses, and after quickly mixing them, the challenge is to guess which glass the ball is hidden in. Now it's Freeze Bites' turn. Hide a piece of this snack in one of the glasses, mix them together and let your cat guess which one it is in.

This Kit Cat snack is made with only 1 ingredient. They contain taurine and are suitable for cats with food allergies, stomach sensitivities or on a restricted diet.

By being freeze-dried, it preserves its nutrients, concentrates the flavors and, most importantly, maintains its aroma. This last factor will play a very important role in the game. I'm sure your cat will surprise you and guess which glass is the surprise thanks to his sense of smell.

If you want to see how we also challenge our wonderful freeze-dried snack, visit our TikTok profile, where we have published the challenge. Do you think our cat guessed the glass with the prize? Find out!

If you dare to do the challenge, record your michi and upload it to social networks, do not hesitate to tag us. We want to see how clever your furry friend is.

You're sure to guess the correct glass! All for the prize